About Circle of Fifths

5 Stars

you feel you are part of something real and stark and spiritual.

Buzz Magazine

Friends and families gather on the street outside a home. Sometimes with boots and shovels. Together they share small talk and offer condolences before bidding their Butetown farewell.

Later, stories, memories and music mingle with their grief. A song cuts through. The volume is turned up and they dance.

Loss creates a feeling of disharmony. A fracture in life’s rhythm. In times like this, music can be the thing that makes us feel.

Film and theatre maker Gavin Porter and a collective of artists brought us together to celebrate life in death. A live documentary performance, told through real life stories, rooted in tradition, music and memory.

Life in all its diversity; death in all its universality.

Institute of Welsh Affairs

my unexpressed feelings were communicated in a way that was beyond me

The Stage

Useful information


Listen to the audio flyer or watch the BSL introduction

Circle of Fifths included an audio described performance by Alastair Sill, a BSL performance by Sami Dunn and live captioning by Sheryll Holley.


The show started outside, near the Senedd, with a short procession down Pierhead Street before moving inside the Dance House.

Creative team

Gavin Porter
Set and Costume Designer
Jacob Hughes
Lighting Designer
Jane Lalljee
Assistant Director
Bianca Ali
Associate Artist
Kyle Legall