List of Events

  1. A young man wearing glasses holds a keyboard. A young woman holding a microphone has her arms around him.


    This is an archived event
  2. A black and white illustration of people marching under a bridge with 'Cardiff 1919' written on it.

    Cardiff 1919: Riots Redrawn

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  3. A forest scene with a huge bubble containing the word FRANK superimposed in the centre.


    This is an archived event
  4. A man stands with his arm around a woman, both are reading scripts.

    A Proper Ordinary Miracle

    Wrexham, November 2022
  5. A birthday party is being held, there is a dancer in the centre and an individual to the left of the dancer looks uncomfortable.

    The Cost of Living

    Swansea Grand Theatre, March 2023
  6. A young male sits cross-legged at a table. The table has a lit lamp on it.

    my name is joseph k

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  7. A group of people with mixed ethnicities and abilities stand together with their fists in the air.

    Fly the Flag

    This is an archived event
  8. A child is wearing a big coat, face paint, and is holding an umbrella in one hand and a tube in the other. An adult is standing next to them holding a microphone.


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  9. Three individuals are standing in a row, singing. The individual on the left is playing a guitar, while the individual in the centre has their fists clenched above their waist, with a trombone in their left hand. The individual on the right is holding a trumpet but not playing it. They're looking straight ahead.

    Circle of Fifths | Tour

    October 2023 - January 2024
  10. Illustrations of a bee, a lighthouse, a beehive, a boat, a sunflower, a tree, the sun, the moon and Stonehenge.

    Go Tell the Bees

    This is an archived event
  11. Four people are on a stage, crouching down with their hands on their knees facing the camera. They all have focused looks on their faces.

    Feral Monster

    15 February – 22 March 2024
  12. A group of five people representing a mix of genders and ethnicities stand in formation. One is playing a trombone, one is playing a trumpet. The woman in the middle is holding a cane.

    Circle of Fifths

    This is an archived event