List of Events

  1. Illustrations of a bee, a lighthouse, a beehive, a boat, a sunflower, a tree, the sun, the moon and Stonehenge.

    Go Tell the Bees

    This is an archived event
    Developed from four years of conversations, and inspired by the 25th anniversary of the Sea Empress disaster, Go Tell the Bees is a film made by, with and…
  2. A group of five people representing a mix of genders and ethnicities stand in formation. One is playing a trombone, one is playing a trumpet. The woman in the middle is holding a cane.

    Circle of Fifths

    This is an archived event
    Friends and families gather on the street outside a home. Sometimes with boots and shovels. Together they share small talk and offer condolences before…
  3. A young man wearing glasses holds a keyboard. A young woman holding a microphone has her arms around him.


    This is an archived event
    How the hell do you grow up when the world around you is falling apart? Pwdin Evans is on a mission. There’s so much in this world he can no longer deal…
  4. A black and white illustration of people marching under a bridge with 'Cardiff 1919' written on it.

    Cardiff 1919: Riots Redrawn

    This is an archived event
    Cardiff 1919: Riots Redrawn is a vivid day-by-day, hour-by-hour account of the Cardiff race riots, pieced together from reports in local newspapers,…
  5. A forest scene with a huge bubble containing the word FRANK superimposed in the centre.


    This is an archived event
    ‘We’ve all been around long enough to watch a mountain crumble to dust. Mine was my father.’ Contained within the sterile environment of a snake…
  6. A man stands with his arm around a woman, both are reading scripts.

    A Proper Ordinary Miracle

    November 2022
    Wrexham. A city that’s a town at its heart. Magicians and map makers, dreamers and developers gather at a meeting place between the very real and the…