List of Events

  1. A birthday party is being held, there is a dancer in the centre and the man to the left of the dancer looks uncomfortable.

    The Cost of Living

    Swansea Grand Theatre, March 2023
  2. A young male sits cross-legged at a table. The table has a lit lamp on it.

    my name is joseph k

    This is an archived event
  3. A group of people with mixed ethnicities and abilities stand together with their fists in the air.

    Fly the Flag

    This is an archived event
  4. Kidstown

    This is an archived event
  5. Illustrations of a bee, a lighthouse, a beehive, a boat, a sunflower, a tree, the sun, the moon and Stonehenge.

    Go Tell the Bees

    This is an archived event
  6. A group of five people representing a mix of genders and ethnicities stand in formation. One is playing a trombone, one is playing a trumpet. The woman in the middle is holding a cane.

    Circle of Fifths

    This is an archived event
  7. A young man wearing glasses holds a keyboard. A young woman holding a microphone has her arms around him.


    This is an archived event
  8. A black and white illustration of people marching under a bridge with 'Cardiff 1919' written on it.

    Cardiff 1919: Riots Redrawn

    This is an archived event
  9. A forest scene with a huge bubble containing the word FRANK superimposed in the centre.


    This is an archived event
  10. A man stands with his arm around a woman, both are reading scripts.

    A Proper Ordinary Miracle

    November 2022