Kirsty Wild

"'s about freedom, freedom of expression, obviously through the music, but also through dance - through being able to just really let loose and not have to consider what anybody's thinking..."

Kirsty Wild was captured by young storyteller Arabella Fellows at Stiwt Theatre, Wrexham.

Listen to Kirsty's story below or read the transcript:

An individual with long red hair. They have a nose and lip piercing and are looking at the camera.
Credit: Arabella Fellows & Ellen Thomas 2023

Meet Arabella

If I wasn’t already I think this officially makes me an artist!

I am Arabella Fellows and I am a 17-year-old humanities A-Level student. To me music is unifying. Whether that be meeting musicians from all over the world at Llangollen International Eisteddfod in my hometown, forming friendships based on our shared love for an artist, or screaming and dancing with strangers at Leeds Festival. Not only that but music marks special milestones and moments in my life; from screaming Charmer in my car seat, to the effect discovering Girl in Red had on my sexuality, to hearing Arctic Monkeys sing my name last June. Working with National Theatre Wales to create my own digital portrait for Circle of Fifths has only deepened my appreciation for music and all the memories, I and others associate with it.

The power of music really can be found everywhere.