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  1. A bearded man wears a white hazmat suit and blue gloves.

    Getting frank with FRANK

    21 January 2022
  2. Black and white image of a film crew.

    Making FRANK: from forest to screen

    21 January 2022
  3. A black and white photograph of a woman in an armchair writing in a notebook.

    Wales Writer in Residence, Rhiannon Boyle tells us about her BBC Radio 4 play

    18 January 2022
  4. Daf James' culture list

    10 December 2021
  5. Silhouettes of four people filming an interview on a promenade.

    Naomi Chiffi maps the creation of Go Tell the Bees

    2 September 2021
  6. A blue lit room filled with an audience watching a man playing an acoustic guitar.

    The eventful journey of Go Tell the Bees

    2 September 2021
  7. An illustration of a person with a thought bubble above their head containing drawings of a dinosaur, a robot, a shooting star, a planet, a balloon and more.

    Reimagining a community project during a time of isolation

    2 September 2021
  8. A crop of NTW's logo in yellow against a dark blue background.

    The Lemonade Lads

    29 June 2021
  9. A crop of NTW's logo in light blue against a green background.

    5 minutes with… Anna Arrieta

    20 April 2021
  10. A black and white photograph of a city skyline.

    Festival UK* 2022 – our statement

    24 March 2021
  11. A crop of NTW's logo in magenta against a yellow background.

    Wales Writer in Residence 2020: Faebian Averies

    7 December 2020
  12. A forest scene with a huge bubble containing the word FRANK superimposed in the centre.

    Bubble Podcast from the Jones Collective and Plastique Fantastique

    19 November 2020