Our work with dramaturgs

Through the support from John Ellerman Foundation, we’ve been working with some brilliant people to develop dramaturgy across Wales.

From project-specific dramaturgs to emerging talent, we’ve been asking what dramaturgy is, how it impacts theatre projects and companies, and how we can embed dramaturgical thinking at the heart of how we work.

What is a dramaturg?

Well, there are many answers to that depending on who you ask. Dramaturgy and dramaturgs can be very different things depending on the project, the process and specific needs. Generally speaking, a dramaturg is a key part of a creative team focussed on providing perspective, context and specialist knowledge in support of a production and other creatives. We’re open to exploring all areas of dramaturgy, and all kinds of people who could be dramaturgs.

With thanks to ​​the John Ellerman Foundation for their support for NTWs’ Associate Dramaturgs project, which matches dramaturgs with our projects happening in 2023-2024.