Go Tell The Bees: Missions

Mission 1: Making a Sunflower

Mission 2: Phil Okwedy - Storytelling tasks

You made sunflowers, wore face paint, put on brightly coloured clothing, danced and celebrated for our Virtual Procession. If we really want to understand our place in nature, we need to stop and take a breath. Hear the birds, the trees, watch the flowers bloom and listen to the sea with the latest activities as part of Go Tell the Bees.

Storyteller Phil Okwedy takes you through a series of five stories, each with their own activities for you to complete at home.

Explore the power of the imagination and of story and remember – it only takes a little imagination to help change the world.

The content of story two contains themes that some may find upsetting. It may be a good idea for parents, guardians or teachers to watch this section first before sharing with their children or pupils in order that they may be prepared for any questions that may arise as a result of this story.

Storytelling tasks video

Mission 3: What Will You Tell the Bees?

What will you tell the bees?

Queen Bee has a message for us humans, a message to help us restore the balance with nature.

In times past, us humans saw bees as a connection to our ancestors and to mother nature; in Celtic tradition, they were the messengers between our world & the spirit realm and so we used to tell the bees our news through stories, through poetry and through art in order for the bees to remain close-by.  We knew that without them, we would lose everything.

National Theatre Wales are now inviting you to once again tell the bees your stories, your news, to help keep them near. How do you connect with nature? What lessons have you learned from your ancestors? What are your hopes for the future? What is your message to the bees?

When you have created your message, send it to us via this form

Once we have collected your songs, your stories, your poetry and your videos we will incorporate them in our show Go Tell The Bees, which is taking place in Pembroke and Manorbier in 2021. We’ll also use some of them online on our website and social media over the next 12 months – keep an eye out for yours!

What Will You Tell the Bees? video

Mission 4: Simple Acts

We’ve made our sunflowers, created our stories and talked to the bees. Now, with a few simple acts we can change how we interact with our environment, and how we interact with each other. Our next mission, as part of Go Tell the Bees, asks each one of us to perform seven Simple Acts in our daily lives.

Click on the images below for more ideas and inspiration on each Simple Act.

Developed in collaboration with Counterpoints Arts. Supported by Little Green Grant and Bluestone Foundation.




Simple Acts video

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