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Spring 2022

About Petula

How the hell do you grow up when the world around you is falling apart?

Pwdin Evans is on a mission. There’s so much in this world he can no longer deal with; his ridiculous parents, step-parents, the weight of his teenage worries, gravity, all of it. So, he launches himself into space, in search of answers and his missing cousin Petula.

National Theatre Wales, Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru and August012 join forces to bring you Petula, a brand-new production of Fabrice Melquiot’s extraordinary play. Directed by Mathilde Lopez with a script by Daf James that mixes Welsh, English and a little French.

An unforgettable and surreal mix of dark comedy and adventure. A visual feast about relationships, language and love. Petula will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

★★★★ “A story-world in which nothing is remotely conventional” The Stage

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Production photos


★★★★ “A story that could be Roald Dahl or early Spielberg…this production is nothing if not unique” The Stage

“Filled with stage with images that expand the edges of the universe” The Guardian

“This tender, affecting and utterly bonkers play is perhaps the ideal antidote to these challenging times”

“Petula offers much to enjoy. The comedy is goofy and surreal. The heart of the play is poignant and raw” Wales Arts Review

“A dizzying mix of English, Welsh and French, which the cast negotiates with endless grace to great comical effect.” IWA

“The action may be absurd but the trauma and confusion of growing up are totally realistic” The Observer

“Funny enough to make me laugh so much I started to worry about needing a new ribcage”

“A bouncy, bonkers and ballsy experience! Go see it! 💯” Audience reaction

Surreal and hilarious with an emotional edge which keeps drawing you back to flashes of your teenage self.” Audience reaction

“My first ever trilingual theatre experience.#Petula blew our tiny minds. It’s like an incredibly poignant surrealist comedy poem that lasts for 80 minutes. We loved every moment. Wonderful. Go.” Audience reaction

“A transporter flea, Neil Armstrong speaking Welsh and a planet with just Beyoncé & Ed Sheeran on it! What’s not to love? Bonkers and right up my street. Congrats all.” Audience reaction


Audio Description (AD)

Listen to the AD flyer

AD performances at the Sherman Theatre:

Friday 18 March: audio described in Welsh by Ioan Gwyn.

Saturday 19 March: audio described in English by Ioan Gwyn, accompanied by a live Welsh to English audio translation of the script by Carys Eleri. Tickets are just £10 for this brand new provision.

You can pick up your wireless headphones in the foyer of the Sherman Theatre.

AD introduction note:

Before the show, there will be an introduction note available at the theatre and on this page.

BSL performances by Catheryn McShane

Wednesday 16 March: Sherman Theatre, Cardiff Pontio

Friday 25 March: Pontio, Bangor


All performances of Petula are fully captioned. There are two captioned screens in the auditorium:

  • The captioned screen on the right is in English with Welsh dialogue translated

  • The captioned screen on the left is in English and Welsh with no translation

  • A little of the dialogue is in French. This is captioned on both screens but not translated

Both screens should be visible from all seats, but you may wish to choose a seat diagonally opposite your preferred screen.

If you would like to discuss access requirements, call Pete on 029 2035 3075 or email

AD introduction note

BSL introduction

Meet Dewi Wykes

Rehearsal photos

Rehearsals with Daf and Mathilde



Kizzy Crawford

Joe Potatoslouch

Tom Mumford


Sion Pritchard


Clêr Stephens

Amethyst Crappp

Rachel Summers

Pwdin Evans

Dewi Wykes

Creative team


Fabrice Melquiot

Concept and direction

Mathilde López

Translation and adaptation

Daf James

Assistant Director

Siobhan Brennan


Jean Chan


Branwen Munn


Leighton Wall

Lighting Designer

Joe Price

Video Designer

Will Monks

Script Consultant

Arwel Gruffydd

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